Wheezy is a recurring character. He is voiced by June Foray.


About the character Edit

Characteristics: slender, grey fur, blue eyes, white shirt, white hat, black vest, black necktie, handsome, a smoker, serious, loyal, usually calm

Real age: 28 real years old

species: weasel

comes from: Who framed Roger Rabbit

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: antagonist

profession: police officer

nationality: American

religion: Christian


  • the Toon patrol: He consideres them to be his best friends and usually treats them with understanding, support and tolerance. Though he still has moment when they annoy him, especially Stupid.
  • the king and the queen: He strongly respects them, but he does not have much interactions with them.
  • Cass, Tadashi, Kristoff and Anna: He is supportive and tolerant towards them.
  • Renato Manchas: Together with the other weasels, he shows support to him to impress Cass.

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