Toon patrol is a police group of 5 animated, anthropomorphic and tailless weasels.

Toon patrol

They are former villains, who live in Filmville and are hired as cops by queen Elinor.

Members Edit

- Smarty (the leader and also the most serious, smartest and most disciplined member)

- Greasy (second-in-command and the most aggressive one)

- Wheezy (the smoker and the quietest and calmest one)

- Psycho (the insane member)

- Stupid (the foolish member)

About the characters Edit

Fun facts:

  • They are a parody of the Seven dwarfs from Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
  • Due to being predators, they refuse to eat fruits and vegetables with the only exception being Stupid.
  • They appear to be fans of different types of rock music bands, such as Sleater-Kinney, Kiss, Gorillaz and others. They also like disco and funk.

Theme song: Push it to the limit

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