Toffee is a major antagonist. He is voiced by Michael C. Hall.

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About the character Edit

Characteristics: tall, slender, turquoise skin, yellow eyes, muscular, black hair, missing finger, handsome, evil, intelligent, patient, calm, stoic, arrogant, unpredictable at times, often amiable, honest, posh, passive aggressive, snarky, charismatic, manipulative, cold-hearted, vengeful

Real age: 2 real years

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Species: Monster/Septarian

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Fun facts:

  • Running gag: Other cartoons laughing at his name.
  • He has a habbit of caressing various animals.
  • He is shown to dislike humans.
  • He is capable of regeneration.
  • Toffee is actually a skilled singer.

Comes from: Star vs the forces of evil

influence on other toons: He is very respected by both the king and the rest of the antagonists. His employees listen to him and obey him. He is very feared and despised among positive characters, due to his cruel and cold-hearted nature. Despite this he is very popular among women and is thought to be "the hottest man in Antagonistan". Toffee hates with a passion not only all cartoon humans, but also all positive characters.


  • the Horned king: Toffee surprisingly respects and tolerates his master, but there are still moments when he actually does not share his opinion.
  • Hunter: Toffee and Hunter have a rivalry with each other. Toffee is always trying to humiliate Hunter and prove to him that he is the better majordomo.
  • Ragyo: He dislikes Ragyo beacuse of the way she touches him and always responds to her with sarcasm.
  • with other villains: Most of the time he tolerates them, but he is never afraid to speak his mind.
  • Bellwether: Surprisingly despite being a villain Toffee's relationship with his assistant is actually better compared to the relationship between Hunter and Fear. Toffee treats Bellwether with surprisingly much tolerance and even respect and never yells at her.
  • Medusa:  They can be often seen right next to each other and treat each other like partners when they are together. Toffee also manipulates Medusa's daughter, but she does not mind, due to her respect and attraction towards him.
  • Crona: He uses Crona's naivety as a chance to manipulate her to stay loyal to the antagonists. He acts as a some sort of a father figure towards her and she trusts him completely.
  • Death the Kid: Toffee has shown interest in Kid in earlier episodes, but this interest played a major role in the episode The septarian's apprentice. Toffee tried to stimulate Kid to join him. He was impressed by the boy's potential and admits that he sees himself in him.

Theme song: Skyfall