The little werewolves are protagonists. They are voiced by Sadie Sandler.


About the characters Edit

Characteristics: Winnie- here; the boys- black shirts, yellow or blue eyes, brown hairs, brown furs, handsome, energetic, playful, carefree

Animated age: more than 7 animated years old

Real age: 4 real years

Family: Wayne (father), Wanda (mother)

Fun facts: Their names mean: Winnie-"happiness" and "gentle friend", Wally-"foreign", Wilbur-"wall fortification", Wilson- "son of William", Wade- "river crossing", Waylon- "near the road". Winnie has a crush on Dennis.

Known names: Winnie, Wally, Wilbur, Wilson, Wade, Waylon

Relationships- Despite that they don't respect their father, they still love him. They also love their mother and their friends.

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