The human thief is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

Warning: Spoilers!

In Movietown various human toons are beginning to disappear and the police is investigating the case. Meanwhile there are starting to appear numerous animated mutants, also known as "werebeasts", who are terrorizing the town.

It was later revealed that all of the werebeasts are actually the missing humans, who were injected some mutagen in their DNA, that turned them into monsters. This is a plan of the antagonists.

characters in the show Edit

- L Lawliet

- Marge Simpson

- Earl Devereaux

- Nick Wilde

- Judy Hopps

- Eren Yeager

- Bunnymund

- Gorillaz

- Kamina

- Ryuuji Takasu

- Cleopatra Smith

- Mikasa Ackerman

- Toffee

- dr. Blowhole

- the Horned king

- Envy

- Negaduck

- Demona

- Jasper

- Lucy

- lord Dominator

- Taiga Aisaka

- sergeant Calhoun

- Satsuki Kiryuin

- Ryuko Matoi

- the Warden

- Hikaru Hitachiin

- Kaoru Hitachiin

- Prozzak

- Cherry

- Tulip

- Roy Mustang

- Mira Nova

- Kida

- Riza

songs Edit

- Human

- Bad reputation

- Montagues and Capulets

- Fear of the dark

- Skyfall

- Alive

trivia Edit

  • It's title is a parody of the film The peach thief, though it is not a parody of the film itself.
  • According to Toffee, each animal is carefully selected for each human- wolf for Kamina's loyalty, crocodile for Murdoc's nasty behaviour, tiger for Taiga's temper and name,Comodo monitor for Ryuuji's name, lion for sergeant Calhoun's battle skills and sense of duty, basilisk lizard for Eren's potential, fox for the Warden's unpredictable and energetic nature, et cetera.
  • It is among the scariest episodes.

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