The Horned king is a major antagonist. In the show he is voiced by the Willem Defoe.

Rey Del Mal

His appearances in most episodes are minor, but he does play a major role in the show itself. Most of his major roles are in episodes, focused on the antagonists' plans.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: tall, slender, red robe, brown cloak, green skin, red eyes, ugly, evil, usually calm, ruthless, merciless, selfish, cruel, immoral, narcisisstic

Real age: 33 real years

Species: Monster

Nationality: American

Religion: Satanist

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Comes from: The black cauldron

Profession: King

influence on other toons: The Horned king is respected by his subjects and feared by his enemies. Despite the respect and loyalty his subjects show to him, he does not show them much approval. He is also shown to have a rivalry with the rest of the monarchs, especially queen Tara. The king rarely shows respect towards his own subjects, with the only exceptions being Toffee and Lucy.


  • His eyes turn red, when he gets angry.
  • His original actor is John Hurt.


  • Toffee: The king shows surprisingly much respect and trust towards Toffee. He claims that Toffee is among the few antagonists, who actually do their job. He is very impressed by his competence and at times refers to him as "my friend".
  • queen Tara: He has the most interactions with her, among the rulers. He really dislikes her philosophy that there must be harmony among all cartoon characters and really wants to prove her that she is wrong. He enjoyes seeing her miserable.
  • Lucy: She is among the few toons whom he shows some kind of "compassion". He found her when she was being chased by guards and offered her to live in his castle and work as his maid, to which she agreed. He trusts her and he gave her the position of punishing those who fail.