The Cartoon kingdom is the kingdom, where all animated characters live. There are only four towns in this kingdom-El Filmjefo, Movietown, Antagonistan and Filmville.

Rulers Edit

The kingdom is ruled by three queens and two kings:

- the queen of El Filmjefo

- queen Elinor and king Fergus

- queen Tara

- The Horned king

Currency Edit

Animated characters use gems and jewels as their money.

celebrations and holidays Edit

- Festival of cultures

- Founding day

Laws and rules Edit

The kingdom has many rules. Here are few of them:

- Stay away from real humans!

- Every villain and criminal will be punished with imprisonment.

- On Halloween, monsters don't need to wear costumes.

- Killing or hurting real animals is strictly forbidden.

- It is strictly forbidden for a positive character and a negative character to have a romantic relationship with each other.

- All animated characters, no matter which country they come from, must emmigrate to the USA, in order to live in the Cartoon kingdom.

- The only way in which an antagonist would be allowed to live in a town of positive characters (in other words, every town, except Antagonistan) must get a permission from the ruler(s)!

Protection Edit

Except the armies, the Cartoon kingdom has another protection. In every town, there is one gem, which is forming an invisible wall around the town and protects it from being seen by humans.

trivia Edit

- In every town, except for Antagonistan, there is a small Japanese-themed neighborhood. The purpose of these neighborhoods is to pay tribute to all Japanese immigrants residing within the Cartoon kingdom, since around 60% of the animated characters in the world come from Japan.