Shen is an antagonist. He is voiced by Gary Oldman and has a British accent.


About the character Edit

Characteristics: slender, white feathers, red eyes, white clothes, handsome, evil, arrogant, intelligent, aggressive, a little bit short-tempered, sadistic, perfectionistic, elegant, posh, charismatic, cruel, stubborn

Animated age: 50 animated years old

Real age: 5 real years old

Fun facts: His name means "flame", "divinity" and "deep thought" in Chinese. He is also shown that he can speak Chinese.

Species: Indian peafowl (leucistic)

Nicknames: He is sometimes called "mr. Scissorfeet" by some positive characters.

Race: Computer-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Comes from: Kung fu panda 2

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Relationships Edit

Bunnymund- Of all of the citizens of Movietown, Shen hates Bunny the most

With Kai and Tai Lung -They often annoy him.

With the other citizens of Movietown- He dislikes all of them very strongly.

With Boss wolf- Boss wolf is his assistant and he treats him badly.