Python Nu Kappa are recurring characters. They are voiced by Beth Behrs.

Python Nu Kappa

They are cheerleaders in Filmville.

Members Edit

- Carrie Williams (leader)

- Britney Davis

- Crystal Dubois

- Heather Olson

- Taylor Holbrook

- Naomi Jackson

About the characters Edit

Characteristics: Carrie Williams- slender, pink skin, red hair, pink dress, purple eyes, beautiful, independent, fearless, girly, sassy; Britney Davis- slender, gblue eyes, green skin, pink hair, pink dress, beautiful, girly, ditzy, upbeat; Crystal Dubois- pink dress, purple skin, red hair, blue eyes, beautiful, independent, sassy, girly; Heather Olson- pink dress, purple hair, green eyes, blue skin, beautiful, fearless, confident, girly; Naomi Jackson- pink skin, purple hair, pink dress, blue eyes, beautiful, girly, brave, aggressive, easily-annoyed, short-tempered; Taylor Holdbrook- pink dress, blue eyes, purple skin, pink hair, beautiful, calm, serious, sassy

Animated age: 18 animated years old

Real age: 2 real years old

Fun facts: Their names mean: Carrie- "strong", Britney- "from Great Britain", Heather- "flower", Naomi- "delightful" or "pleasant".

Relationships- Their relations with other cartoon characters are somewhat good.

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