Ms. Grunion is a minor antagonist. She is voiced by Allison Janney.

Ms. Grunion

About the character Edit

Characteristics: plump, black hair, a beauty mark, brown eyes, pink clothes, beautiful, evil, strict, arrogant, sly, dishonest. cruel, abusive, short-tempered, mean

Real age: 3 real years

species: human

profession: majordomo (temporary), then a teacher in Antagonistan

full name: Edwina Grunion


  • Hunter: She interacts with him only in the episode Who banished Hunter and during her screentime she shows great dislike towards him, kind of similar to Toffee. Ms. Grunion planned to replace him as a majordomo of Movietown, thinking that she would be much better than him, though, it was later proven that the employees hate her.
  • Fear: Fear becomes her assistant after Hunter leaves, but she treats him much worse than Hunter. While Hunter was not the nicest boss to Fear, he also was not the worst, since he treated him like a friend from time to time. Grunion does none of this and for her he is just "a pathetic excuse for assistant".
  • Death the Kid: While Hunter's treatment towards Kid was motivated by pure jealousy and envy, Grunion's motivation is due to just being mean. She sees him as just a pathetic boy, who also happens to be the royal butler, but she does not care.
  • queen Tara: Her interactions with the queen are small, but ms. Grunion shows insincere respect towards her. In actuality she is loyal to the Horned king.
  • the rest of Movietown's toons: She mistreats them strongly and they quickly started hating her. Ms. Gruinion is a much worse boss for them than Hunter and she shows no appreciation or respect.


  • She shares her actress with Gladys Sharp.
  • She likes cats and dislikes dogs.
  • She usually appears as a minor villain, but she is the main antagonist of the episode Who banished Hunter.

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