The running gags in the show are:

- somebody laughing at Toffee's name

- somebody spelling NOS-4-A2's name wrong

- Envy being mistaken for a woman

- a character saying "Shut up, you old hag!" to an older character (either by animated or real age)

- a character breaking the 4th wall

- traditional cartoony gags: wild takes, eye popping, slapstick, et cetera

- making references to popular culture, history and real life

- Jasper, madame Gasket and dr. Girlfriend being mistaken for men

- calling Shen "mr. Scissorfeet"

- catchphrases

- a character disgusted by an other character's ugliness (like Chef, Murdoc, et cetera)

- Murdoc being called a "goblin" or other creature

- dr. Cockroach getting slapped on the head as a result of his mad laughter

- Smarty hitting Stupid on the head with his own bat after saying something stupid

- Tulip talking to herself

- Death the Kid's perfectionistic tendencies, especially his obsession with symmetry

- Greasy flirting with every woman he sees

- Wyatt getting knocked unconscious right before country music starts playing

- a group of a few random citizens talking in perfect synchronization

- Shen getting angry after being called an "albino" or getting a tail feather pulled out

- Edward getting angry after being called "short" or "small"

- various toons believing that Posey is nervous, upset or at the edge of mental breakdown, due to her voice

- various toons' reactions to Black Jack's fees

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