The references in the show:

- the "Shut up, you old hag!" running gag is a reference to one of Rene Artois's famous lines: "Shut up, you silly old bat!" from the sitcom Allo, allo

- Death the Kid and Hunter's relationship is inspired by the relationship between the characters Niles and C.C. Babcock from the sitcom The nanny

- Death the Kid's name is a reference to Billy the Kid

- Gazelle's curvy hips are probably a reference to the song Hips don't lie

- Shen's nickname "mr. Scissorfeet" is a reference to the movie Edward Scissorhands

- the Warden's design is inspired by the character Willy Wonka from the book Charlie and the chocolate factory

- the scene where Lucy meets the Horned king for the first time is inspired by a scene from the movie The tale of Despereaux

- the scene between Hunter and Fear in the episode Who banished Hunter after Fear brought him coffee and asks "I brought you coffee, right?" and then Hunter responding angrily with "Espresso." is a reference to a scene from the film The phoney civilization

- the nickname that Smarty has for Bonejangles "Bones" is a reference to the Tv show Bones, where the main character has the same nickname

- the title of each episode is parodying a title of a certain movie, tv show or song

  • The title of the episode The human thief is a parody of the movie The peach thief

Expect more!

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