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The references in the show:

- the title of each episode is parodying a title of a certain movie or tv show

- the "Shut up, you old hag!" running gag is a reference to one of Rene Artois's famous lines: "Shut up, you silly old bat!" from the sitcom Allo, allo

- Death the Kid and Hunter's relationship is inspired by the relationship between the characters Niles and C.C. Babcock from the sitcom The nanny

- Death the Kid's name is a reference to Billy the Kid

- Gazelle's curvy hips are probably a reference to the song Hips don't lie

- Shen's nickname "mr. Scissorfeet" is a reference to the movie Edward Scissorhands

- the Warden's design is inspired by the character Willy Wonka from the book Charlie and the chocolate factory

- The title of the episode Guardians of family bonds is a parody of the movie Guardians of the galaxy

- The title of the episode The human thief is a parody of the movie The peach thief

- The title of the episode The cartoony civilization is a parody of the movie The phoney civilization

Expect more!

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