Levi Ackerman is a secondary character. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.
Levi Ackerman

He usually acts as a supporting character, most of the time seen right next to Olivier .


characteristics: black hair, blue eyes, slender, muscular, short, handsome, calm, collected, fearless, merciless, high sense of morality, loyal, perfectionistic, a bit of a germophob, rude, vulgar, brash

animated age: in his 30's 

real age: 5 real years

species: human

nationality:  Japanese

religion: Shinto

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: Attack on titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

relations: Mikasa (relative)


  • His original actor is Hiroshi Kamiya.

  • He is considered to be one of the best soldiers in the Cartoon kingdom and shares the position with Olivier.

  • He suffers from insomnia- he cannot sleep more than 3 hours a night.

  • Despite his slender physique and short height, he is shown to be quite muscular and also very strong.

  • He has a habbit of holding a cup by the tip, instead of using the handlers.

  • He is obsessed with hygiene and tidiness.

  • He loves drinking tea and collects tea leaves.

  • He cuts his own hair, using clippers.

  • Despite that his roles are usually minor, he is the main character in the episodes Levi and the five weasels and Sleepless in Filmville.

  • There are only three things he cannot stand- everything dirty, someone calling him "small" and his colleagues in trouble.