Larry, Walt and Igner are minor antagonists. Walt is voiced by Maurice laMArche, Igner by John DiMaggio and Larry by David Herman.







About Edit

characteristics: Walt- tall, broad-shouldered, black hair, black eyes, handsome, intelligent, obedient, calm, serious, abusive; Larry- broan hair, black eyes, handsome, amaible, sensitive, friendly, innocent, polite, moral, Igner- slender, red hair, black eyes, childish, immature, stupid, ignorant, oblivious, naive

Real age: 17 real years

Animated age: Walt-39 cartoon years; Larry- 37; Igner- 35

Species: Humans

Relations: Mom (mother)

Nationality: Americans

Religion: Christians

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Antagonists

Come from: Futurama


  • with their mother: They do not seem to have a grudge against their mother. In fact they seem to actually trust her, especially Walt.
  • with the Horned king: They do not interact much with their ruler but they seem to respect him.

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