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Jem and the Holograms are recurring characters. They are an animated girl band in El Filmjefo.

The members are:

Dear Diary
  • Jem (voiced by Samantha Newark)- lead vocal singer.
  • Kimber Benton (voiced by Cathianne Blore)- synthesizer player.
  • Aja Leith (voiced by Cathianne Blore)-guitarist.
  • Shana Elmsford (voiced by Cindy McGee)- guitarist.
  • Raya (voiced by Linda Dangcil)- drummer.

About the characters Edit

Characteristics: Jem- tall, slender, pink hair, blue eyes, pink dress, pink shoes, beautiful, kind, friendly, hardworking; Kimber Benton- slender, red hair, blue eyes, pink shoes, white coat, blue trousers, beautiful, emotional, a bit immature; Aja Leith- slender, blue hair, blue eyes, pink shirt, pink shoes, purple skirt, beautiful, headstrong, loyal, sensitive, intuitive; Shana Elmsford- slender, purple hair, brown eyes, white shoes, purple dress, grey jacket, beautiful, hardworking, insecure, shy, stubborn; Raya- slender, pink hair, blue eyes, white shirt and pants, yellow shoes, pink vest, beautiful, modest, kind, friendly, shy, naive, loyal

Animated ages: unknown

Real ages: 30 real years old

Real names: Jem- Jerrica Benton; Raya- Carmen Alonso

Full names: Kimber Benton- Kimberly Benton

Fun facts: Their names mean: Aja- "goat", Shana- "beautiful" and Raya- Carmen means "garden".

Family: Jem and Kimber (sisters to each other)

Relationships- They have good relations with most toons.

Known songs Edit

- Walk like an egyptain

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