Haruhi Fujioka is a major character. She is voiced by Caitlin Glass.

Haruhi Fujioka

About Edit

characteristics: slender, brown eyes, brown hair, beautiful, intelligent, modest, easily-annoyed, self-confident, short-tempered, kind, hardworking

animated age: 15 toon years

real age: 11 real years

species: human

comes from: Ouran high school host club

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

relations: Tamaki (boyfriend); Haru, Maka (best friends)

profession: tour guide in the gallery


  • She shares her original actress Maaya Sakamoto with Crona and Ciel.
  • She has astraphobia (fear of thunders and lightnings).
  • She wears contact lens.
  • She shares her English actress with Yakumo and Winry .


  • Tamaki: She is often annoyed by his emotional and often oblivious tendencies, but she is still supportive and loving towards him.
  • Maka and Haru: They are her best friends and she quite enjoyes their company. She is a big fan of Maka's books.
  • the Beast: She seems to get along with her boss.
  • Ilana: The two do not interact much often, but they seem to get along.

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