Greasy is a recurring character. He is voiced by Charles Fleischer and has a Spanish accent.


About the character Edit

Characteristics: slender, green suit, green hat, white shoes, black eyes, brown fur, black hair, white shirt, pink necktie, handsome, pervert, bloodthirsty, loyal

Real age: 28 real years old

Species: Weasel

Relations: Smarty, Wheezy, Stupid, Psycho (best friends); Cass, Tadashi, Lucy, Anna, Kristoff (close friends)


  • Smarty: Most of the time he shows respect towards his boss and often enjoyes his witty remarks. Although he still would laugh at him if he finds a chance.
  • the rest of the Toon patrol: He is very close to them, since he has known them ever since he was created. Greasy trust them and treats them with much understanding, at least usually.
  • Cass: She is one of the wasels' best friends and he treats her with respect and understanding, though he still has moments when he shows lust towards her.
  • Tadashi: He shows much tolerance and friendly attitude towards the boy.
  • Anna and Kristoff: He is usually friendly to both of them.
  • the king and the queen: He shows much respect towards them, especially the queen. Though he treats the king not only as his ruler, but also close friend and the king does the same for him.

Fun facts:

  • He speaks Spanish.
  • Running gag: Starts flirting with pretty much every woman he sees.