Fantastic racism and where to find it is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

The episode focuses mainly on Randall and his origins. We start with a scene in the present showing Mike, Sulley, Celia and Randall having fun together at the public pool.

(flashback) Randall escapes from the antagonists, hoping that he would find a place where he can get at least a little respect and acceptance. Though he knew that due to being an antagonist, it would not be much, but still better, compared to what antagonists give to each other. When he finally came to Movietown, the results were very bad. All of the citizens showed great doubt in him, they insulted him and they kicked him out of everywhere. Eventually queen Tara discovers the news about the antagonist oin town and tried to help him in any way she can. She told him that she may never know what kind of pain he feels on the inside (since she is a queen and everyone respect her and would never know how it feels to be hated, just because of a name), but she still wants to help him. She finds him a job and gives him a chance for a better life.

characters Edit

- Randall

- Celia

- Mike

- Sulley

- queen Tara

- Elsa

- Death the Kid

songs Edit

- Cheap thrills

- Elastic heart

quotes Edit

- (Randall to the queen): "Forget about it! How could a royalty ever know how I feel? Do you have any idea how it feels to be mistreated, just because of a name!"; (queen Tara): "You are right! I would never know how it feels like, but that still does not mean that I cannot help you. I do want to help you, but only if you give yourself a chance."

- (Randall to the queen): "To do is to be!"; (queen Tara's response): "We all have our roles to play, but sometimes we have to take a different role. You do not need to punish yourself for other toons's mistakes."

- (Sullivan's thoughts): "I still cannot believe that we became friends with Randall. If we can be friends with HIM, then maybe...

trivia Edit

- The title of the episode is a refrence to the movie Fantastic beasts and where to find them.

- It is among the most dramatic and emotional episodes.