Cal Devereaux is a recurring characater. He is voiced by Khamani Griffin.

Cal Devereaux

He is officer Earl Devereaux's son, but lives in Filmville with his mother (who doesn't show up in the show), despite that his parents are not divorced. He is also a pupil in Learn and discover!.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: short, slender, brown hair, brown eyes, black jacket, blue jeans, red shoes, handsome, cute, kind, playful, cool-minded

Animated age: 10 animated years old

Real age: 6 real years old

Family: Earl Devereaux (father)

Fun facts: His name means "little bald one".

Full name: Calvin Devereaux

Relationships- He loves his family, his friends and has good relations with the citizens of Filmville.

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