Mop Black hat is a major antagonist. He is voiced by Alan Ituriel.

Blackhat6 by mimi diggz-db9quw8

about Edit

characteristics: tall, slender, black skin, black eyes, handsome, evil, short-tempered, sadistic, mean, rude, arrogant, selfish, vain, easily-annoyed, cynical, narcisstic

real age: 1 real year

species: demon

comes from: Villainous

nationality: Mexican

religion: Satanist

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

profession: teacher


  • He is never seen without a hat.
  • He is shown to be capable of shapeshifting.
  • He can play the organ (look at the picture). He can also play the violin.
  • There is a possbility that very deep down, he actually cares for his pupils, but even if he does he would never admit it.


  • his pupils: Most of the time he treats them as lower life forms, but that does not mean that he cannot be proud of them. Black hat loves teaching the children various villanous stuff and is always glad when he sees that they actually learned something. Mariko is his favourite pupil and Rudy is his least favourite.
  • Shaula: He has bad relations with his colleague Shaula. The two always argue over on who is the best teacher.